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Hurricane Katrina Relief

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Clothing Donations [Sep. 10th, 2005|01:06 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

Want to make a donation but don't have any money? Click here to find out how :)

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help at no cost to you today [Sep. 7th, 2005|01:58 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

wispa has posted: ”I'm currently adding new friends to my list and counting everyones (meaning everyone on my friends list excluding communities) TOTAL # of posts and using that number multiplied by $.01 (i can't go much higher than that because i'm a broke college student!) to get a monetary value that i will donate to the red cross!” Today is the last day for this project.

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Buttons for Charity!! [Sep. 6th, 2005|08:57 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief
Hey all,

I am selling buttons to help raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Now, the proceeds that I raise by selling these buttons and magnets will be split in half. One half will go to assist the hurricane victims that are currently displaced and being housed all over the country. The other half will go directly to the rebuilding efforts once we are given the go ahead!
I will post donation reciepts during this process, as well as store reciepts for the buying of immediate needs of the displaced families in my area.
Please email me with any questions you might have.

And now, to the pertinent info!
Cost per button is only $2, and shipping is included in that cost!
For larger bulk orders, please email me at Baristabadgirl at hotmail dot com.
I have a paypal account, and a high feedback rating via Ebay so rest assured that trading is safe with me.
My paypal user id is the same as my email address listed above.
Please be sure to detail what items you are ordering and if desired a certain color of button(s).

And now, on to the goodies!!

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2005|11:10 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

Copying a wonderful idea from many other LJers.


For every comment I recieve on this post, I will donate 1$ to the Red Cross for the Survivors of Katrina.

Just comment, it's the least you can do.


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ways to help at no cost to you [Sep. 5th, 2005|08:49 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

Besides italianchick589, edna_blackadder and x0_da_emster_0x will also donate if you comment them, and merrivere has a special donation-for-poems/jokes/your-favorite-class-and-teacher project running until until 6:00 PM Central time today.

You can also help Katrina survivors (and others) just by visiting click-to-donate sites. There, clicking on a button will take you to a page of ads, and the advertisers will then donate money to charity. Usually, only one click per day per computer is counted.
Clicking at The Hunger Site helps Katrina survivors. America’s Second Harvest lists both that and Dannon’s click-to-donate site (haven’t they collected that $75,000 already?) as helping them.
Then there are two other sites that apparently help A2H, but I haven’t been able to check them out: Stop the Hunger and Hunger Fighters. Visiting another page that I haven’t been able to check seems to give 0.2 cents to help Katrina survivors.
Please click and spread the word! Thanks in advance!

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2005|12:54 am]
Hurricane Katrina Relief
The Red Cross was short of blood before the hurricane. Donating blood is free. Most people can do it. It's not hard. And there are blood drives all over. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE for the next one in your area. You'll even get cookies.

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Katrina Relief Community [Sep. 4th, 2005|12:10 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief


Everyone please join call_to_action and help us with our hurricane relief efforts! We currently have many projects in the works, including a benefit CD and an anthology book of art and stories, 100% of the proceeds from which will go to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army! We also have links of many ways you can help the relief effort, even if you don't have money to donate.

Please join up to help, and please spread this announcement far and wide in your journals! Thank you so much.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2005|01:15 pm]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

x-posted everywhere.
Hi I'm new here. I am joining as many of these communtities as possible to educate myself and help out.
I also want to spread the word about what some people around LJ, including myself, are doing.
Please check this out.

I have decided to give $1 to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund for each comment I recieve here.
This began here, and I thought it was an amazing idea.
I can only donate so much, so once I can't donate anymore I will close this post. I haven't really thought up a total yet.
If you want, please do this in your own livejournal. Help the people in need please. Also, you can join some of the following communities to help out as well.

So please comment, tell your friends, spread the word. Also comment on these other donation posts..
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Fanfiction and Graphics [Sep. 4th, 2005|09:44 am]
Hurricane Katrina Relief
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

I will write Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fanfiction for:

Story PricesCollapse )

I will write het, slash,gen,angst,tragedy,drama,parody,humor,script format. Anything basically. No mpreg,NC-17 rated stories,or interspecies 'ship stories. Wouldn't it be cool to get a story written for you? You could say to your friends, "Hey, Elgato Gamgins wrote a story for me! And it's about Ginny Weasley, my favorite character. Why, she's your favorite character,too!" Wouldn't your friends be jealous? I know countless of my friends who would be.

What do all of those genres mean? Here is a little list:Fanfiction GenreCollapse )

I will also do graphics. Banners,Friends Only,icons,headers, I will even do LJ LAYOUTS.

On graphics, I'll do anything! :D HP, LOTR, flowers, trees, a picture of you, a cat, and piece of cheese, you name it!

Graphic Prices:Collapse )

"Gee, those prices are kind of high!"

The higher the price means the more work I have to put into it! With layouts I have to do CSS and HTML and I have to make the graphics for them and I have to test it until it's perfect. With bigger graphics, more space I have to work with, which means more work. With writing, higher the price also means more time I have to spend on it. On a drabble it can be a minute or two. You see where I'm going?

Heck, you could get TEN icons for FIVE DOLLARS! OR FIVE small banners for FIVE DOLLARS! OR like TWO BIG BANNERS and TWO ICONS for FIVE DOLLARS!

I'll be posting all stories on my site, and I will be saying something like "written for bla,bla,bla" with the story info. I've done it before.

You get something out of it, I get something out of it(more people to my site and the satisfaction), and the victims get something out of it. Everyone is happy! :D So request away!

All of the money goes to the Red Cross. ;)

Hope and Faith,
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Getting this Site going [Sep. 4th, 2005|12:56 am]
Hurricane Katrina Relief

This is a site in effort to raise money for the victim's and those affected in anyway by Hurricane Katrina, please, please, PLEASE pass this along to anyone and everyone who may be ineterested and wanting to help. The site is just starting with the thanks to many for the help and support. Please, lets get this going!
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